YouTube to allow UK gambling video productions

UK gambling firms can launch corporate video productions promoting their business on YouTube for the first time.

Google has mad a decision to allow licensed gambling sites to advertise on the video streaming site.

They will be able to launch age-restricted campaigns, including pre-roll ads, on the YouTube home page, video pages and brand channels, with Ladbrokes already signed up to be the first to use the service.

Users of the website will have to verify they are over 18 before than can view the ads, said Google.

Speaking to New Media Age, the Google's James Cashmore said he was confident only those of an appropriate age would be able to view the videos.

"We've been in discussions with brands and agencies about this for more than two years," he said.

YouTube recently launched a new video production editing tool which allows users to edit videos easily and quickly over the internet, without the need for downloading software.